About Openfields ......

We embody a shared essence that permeates every aspect of our work.


We are passionate about curating our menus. We are zealous about the origins and quality of our food and beverages. We are dedicated to our team and the warm hospitality we extend to our clients, vendors, and colleagues. All of our menus are expertly crafted by our chefs, using top-notch, locally sourced ingredients, sustainable practices, and inclusive standards. We are renowned for our culinary expertise, unwavering commitment to our clients, and our unwavering "can-do" spirit.


A comprehensive catering program necessitates a specialized approach to hospitality and operations. Our culinary principles revolve around our passion for food, high-quality provisions, exceptional customer service, and a constant drive for innovation.


Why Openfields:

*Customized and adaptable to our clients needs

*Modern, innovative and seasonal menus

*Personalized menus to fit our clients dietary needs

*Eco-friendly and sustainable options

*Locally sourced ingredients from sustainable vendors

*No complicated contracts